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~~~~The Empty Gallery 1


Located in the Closed Cafe’ in the heart of the Void Historical District, the M T Gallery currently features:
Self-Portraits in Covered Mirrors

a fork in the road


the reverse historian


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Voila! Shofar So Good. Ideas. Maha Aha!

Old vehicles, keep on trucking, bright eyes…. [See Under Footnotes, below, when you get there.]

Donkey Teachings“This historian needs no rear-view mirror,” wrote Professor Ben a’ Shlomoron (Shlomo Ron for short) in The Backwards Teachings of Those Who Come After, from Mullah & Mule.

A follower of the sage Shrumi, who carried on traditions started by the legendary big wave dune surfer Omar Kayak, Mullah Shlomoron was the 1st pottery yard guru to “jerk cantaloupe.”



You can’t elope with a cantaloupe,
you’d be a fool to try.
You can’t out-race an antelope
until you learn to fly.

He played the fruit in the orchestra,
she played the bowl.

The ants danced a circle round
sound’s melon balls
rolled into their hole.

–from The Antelope Fly & the Pie Hole, by Jack Squat & Jill O’Bucket Bidet


Critters below deserve an ocean of their own. They’re from endangered species photographer Susan Middleton, probably at Friday Harbor. They must’ve gotten here trying out the CREATE-GALLERY function. You’d do better to google her & check out the wealth of images on her own site.  I just find it hard to delete them.


Under Footnotes

The great shofar player Rabbi Dizzy ben Tokin left behind not just a litany of cantatas, but a string of broken-hearted cantors who could not keep up with his bop. “When Rabbi Dizzy blew, the rams ran into each other at full speed just to make sure they still had their horns,” claimed elder record player Billy Crystal Meth, a fan since boyhood.

In The Man Who Discovered Ideas Through His Fingertips, noted conductor Bent Franklin, former semi-conductor of the Disconnectady Symphony & an indirect descendant of the Floundering Father” whose electric pen sired the Poor Dick’s Almaniac, says, “Each finger finds its own charge, according to what & how much it has to say.” You can see that the middle finger of his right hand seems to have the most to say, &/or discharge, perhaps a hint of its level of exercise. 

“Aha! is a figure who appears in iconography world-wide,” according to the Mythnic Professor of Anthroposy at the College of the Convent of the Sisters of Immaculate Misconception, Joseph Clamballs, author of Follow Your Bliss, Cute Butt Folklore. “Here he is shown in his Maha Aha! form, the Great Aha! being the greater model of which the Mahatma Aha is the smaller, i.e., representation on earth.

Long after the original fork in the road that led Buddhism to take two paths, one called the Mahayana, the Greater Vessel, & another called the Lesser Vehicle, another fork in the road led to the VW Microbus of the 1960’s-70’s, definitely a “lesser vehicle” in everything but space for camping gear, kids, dogs, and small farm animals. This one was ours until sold to the junk yard for parts. Twenty years later, it re-appeared on this corner, stayed a few months, and was carted off again, to a garage in Valhalla.

By city, county & state ordinance, New Mexico haciendas, ranchos & ranchitos, in or out of town, must have at least two old vehicles of another generation, preferably no longer running, and at least one visibly rusting, for property owners to qualify for standard exemption. This is one of ours by Inspiration, at Dragon Mountain.

I suppose “Bright Eyes” might also be called “Shnoz,” “the Wizard of Shnoz,” “Chief Cool Rock,” or “Old Stone-4-Nose.” He lives on a shelf inside Inspiration, prepared to ask  visitors “How does this rock smell?” There are none, however. How do I know? Know what? Know what the nose knows, the rock thinks, or anything else for that matter.

[See Who Asks This, Who Answers? by Dr. Knows-It-All, a follower of Nozen the Wiser, who answered “Wiser than who?” with “Wiser than HOOM” one day, “Wiser than yesterday,” the next, and with another answer every day thereafter, until: a) filling his date calendar; b) kicking the bucket; c) completing his Endless Encyclopedia of Errata; d) licensing his answers to testing companies for use in questions of their own revising; e) being used as the basis for a number of musical extravaganzas…..]      

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