2017: Year of the Rooster

I thought the golden rooster’s tough cock-talk “lock her up” candidacy showed the vulnerability of the system going forward, for having gotten that far, not expecting it to win. Now we get to see if the new administration may also show the resiliency of the system. Some of the things that had been hindrances might just turn out to look different with the shoe on other foot–as fickle democracy hops along.

From the perspective of our high-altitude weather-balloon, there’s more than enough combative hypocrisy to go around, along with plenty of provocateurs, whether volunteers or assigned. Attempts to use reason as an influence to moderate events–or as an explanation for them–may now be considered irrational. What psycho-economist Sigmoid Floyd called irrational protuberance will likely predominate.

Nevertheless, the urge to prognosticate &/or predict can’t easily be held down without ropes & weights. Allow for zigs & zags, feints, twists, knots & surprises, therefore, as foretold by the Grrr8 Prognostic 8-er, Otto Predictor, aka, the headless wonder, an auto-editing by-product of Mishugunah Engineering, in an exclusive interview with student whizz staffers from the No News Jr. High Capacity Magazine, in which the master of absence admitted expecting, “besides a higher than usual level of the unexpected.”

[The complete prediction report, with full list of things to watch for, with probability %’s,
will be included in “The Year of the Fluke” pdf. soon, which will also include full drafts of all all other abbreviated 2016 campaign-related posts, unless I can figure out how to have posts self-abbreviate with “Read More” clickers.]