Hello world!

1. This is just the first experimental post put up on the site, just to get a feel for how it worked. It originally had a deep footnote scroll feeding on itself, the rest moved to a box in the “Old Post Page,” with related footnote-tracking experiments.

[For those looking for the main Bod Library site, this isn’t it, just a virtual WordPress testing facility for staff of www.bodlibrary.com to try different themes, layouts & plug-ins, experiment with forms. We have  password protected empty pages & those under construction, along with internal communications of a technical or fragmentary nature, so visitors won’t  waste time trying to make sense of  them.]

Spineless: Portraits of Marine Invertebrates—The Backbone of Life in the Sea by Susan MiddletonHERMIT SPEAKS–

While testing upload features in the shadow of Hermit’s Peak, we ended up with a little bit of fluff called HERMIT SPEAKS–, to which we added an awkward crop of Susan Middleton’s Hermit Crab image. You can get to her works at the genuine www.bodlibrary.com site, on both the “Aldo Zone” & “V.I.P.-link/image” pages. Meanwhile, Hermit Crab’s footnotes may now be found on the “Failed Experiments” page, should anyone care what he had to say way back when.