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[RE our other sites: Our site for Basho’s Backcountry Ways–& Beyond has been lost in cyberspace, so a new & better Basho Wing is in progress, slowly. Our Forked Annex for Humor & Media has two sites open &/or opening with spotty materials gleaned from our PIPA pipeline, i.e., the Peninsula Independent Press Association, a continual source of splotchy content & smudge-free reflections in, around, over & under PIPA headquarters in the Mirror-Times-Mirror Building.

Though the Bod Library proudly serves as a humble ‘PROD,’ PIPA Repository of  Dumped Materials (including a MIscellaney of the Mis-spelled, Encyclopedia Moronica, etc.), we do not recommend the absurd world represented or its ridiculous contents, except under the direction of a certified Do-It-Yourself Laugh Therapist &/or well-schooled Senseless Wilderness Guide with a map out.]